Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge, the ultrabook edition

Intel's second wave of Ivy Bridge chips for ultrabooks are due by early June, when Computex gets under way, quoted Asus Zenfone Blog from AndroidCourt.com

In the first week of June, consumers can expect to see a new wave of ultrabooks based on Intel's just-announced Ivy Bridge processor, according to the source, who is familiar with the plans of Intel and PC makers. 

That's the time frame in which Intel is expected to roll out power-efficient versions of Ivy Bridge. Last week, Intel announced only high-performance, quad-core versions of the processor that typically goes into larger laptops
Ivy Bridge is closely linked with Windows 8 -- due sometime in the second half of this year -- because that operating system is expected to create a category of so-called hybrid designs that combine laptop and tablet features. 

"When you see them, they're going to be stunning. You can be typing in clamshell mode, and then open it and have the full touch capability of a tablet," Kirk Skaugen, Intel's new PC business chief, said last month in a press conference. 

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said there are 100-plus designs for ultrabooks on the way.