Sunday, June 17, 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook Emails Customer, Promises 2013 Mac pro Update

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook emailed one of his barter Monday and promised that the tech behemothic has big things planned for its Mac Pro band of computers in 2013.

The email from Cook followed the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote in which Apple alone to acknowledgment the Mac Pro band admitting labeling it with a "NEW" tag on its website and giving it a accessory amend that included bigger processors.

To allay anxious Mac Pro loyalists who ache to see their computer accustomed a cogent amend afterwards cat-and-mouse back 2010, Cook said in the email that Apple's Mac Pro barter are actual important to the aggregation and will be taken affliction of next year.
"Although we didn't accept a adventitious to allocution about a new Mac Pro at today's event, don't anguish as we're alive on something absolutely abundant for after next year," the Apple CEO said in an email that was accepted accurate by Apple's accessible relations aggregation to Macworld.

The email was reposted in a Facebook accumulation alleged "We Want a New Mac Pro" that launched endure ages and has added than 18,000 "likes."

Although all of the new MacBooks appear bygone were accustomed new USB 3.0 ports and Thunderbolt ports, users of the Mac Pro band were larboard disappointed.

That led abounding of the users in the Facebook accumulation to column comments cogent their disatisfaction with Monday's accessory amend to the Mac Pro line.

"This is in fact worse than annihilation to me," one user said in the group. "It's like a accurately in the face."
And conceivably as a acknowledgment to the absorption the accumulation is gaining, Apple has removed the "NEW" characterization that advanced hovered aloft the Mac Pro on its website afterward the 2012 WWDC keynote. That change happened today admitting Cook advertence Monday's accessory amend to the Mac Pro band in his email.

So although Cook has gone out of his way to alone abundance Mac Pro barter that their time will come, the next Mac Pro amend is a means away. So far abroad that Cook about brash the Apple chump to go advanced and get the new MacBook Pro with a Retina affectation in the meantime.

"We aswell appear a MacBook Pro with a Retina Affectation that is a abundant band-aid for abounding pros," he says in the email.